Daqui a Dili


Artistic/Musical Director & Team Leader.
June 2011, Casa da Música, Porto (PT).

“Daqui a Dili” started off as a selection of my naive audio/video recordings of a journey through Southeast Asia in 2009, being fed as raw inspiration to a creative ensemble made out of young music students in Braga. For a whole year they were challenged to search for interesting dialogues between their instruments and any given stimulus from that trip: landscapes, dances, songs, everyday life…

After a very serendipitous crescendo, the resulting show ended up being staged in Casa da Musica (Porto) with the original ensemble, the post-rock band La La La Ressonance, an original Indonesian Gamelan and the entire community surrounding the Primary School of Sao Tome (Porto) – engaged either in singing, dancing or stage set painting.