Concept & Multimedia Programmer.
Ongoing project.


CEEMI can be quickly described as the hardware generator of an instant virtual ensemble that turns any WiFi compatible device – a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop – into a collaborative electronic musical instrument on the fly. It was specially designed for the performance of music by groups of people without prior musical training. The vision behind CEEMI is to harness the power of technology to connect people in real time, in a live setting. It’s not so much about humans interacting with technology, but about technology as a means to human interaction.

Alongside the development of the musical instrument itself with my collaborators Dario Teixeira (programmer) and Ricardo Peixoto (designer) I’ve also devised a multimedia installation in constant mutation called CEEMI Playground that explores the audiovisual refuse resulting from the interaction of the audience with CEEMI.

CEEMI and its Playground version have their own website: www.playceemi.com.